Health Advisory for the entire family.

Visual Identity Design, Logo Design

The Client

Kangpe is a mobile and web app that connects you to a medical practitioner who will answer your health related questions in the shortest time-usually up to 10 minutes.
The team was looking for help with their overall brand look and feel so they requested a new visual identity that will easily communicate what they do and services they offer.

Our Solution

Because we understand that when communicating with users, clarity is key, we did a lot of research on how best to communicate the value proposition of the company in simple lay-man terms so that prospective users can have a feel of what they do from their visual identity even before interacting with other brand components.
We infused elements of the universal medical symbol and a chat icon into the word mark to create a visual identity that is clear and works well on desktop and mobile gadgets.

What we did

Visual Identity Design, Logo Design

A shiny new user interface prototype design

UI design is an integral part of brand development. With this at the top of our heads, we meticulously crafted a responsive User Interface design that incorporates elements of the logo & easy on the eye color schemes a patient in distress can use

Photography Style

Photography is an important visual component of any brand. They reflect a certain feel and mood, and give a better position to a company. For this project, we handpicked high resolution stock photos that vividly capture the substance of the brand.