Harcourt Hotels

Brand identity system for an emerging hospitality brand

Logo Design and Animation, Brand Asset, Manual and Guidelines, Collateral Design, Web Prototype

The Client

Harcourt Group is an emerging brand in the hospitality business with Harcourt Hotel as their flagship subsidiary. The hotel was recently established and is set to begin operations in Sub Saharan Africa.
The client’s ultimate goal for this exercise was to introduce the brand and showcase its luxury services to potential customers around the globe. For this project, we were commissioned to create the entire brand system, from the visual identity to their web & digital platforms

Our Solution

In the hospitality business, customers mostly depend on visual attributes that reflect the brand’s values, approach, and consistency.
To create a perfect brand signature, we proceeded to understudy the client’s customers to understand their tastes, aspirations and lifestyle in a bid to discover a unique selling point for the Harcourt brand and project that with our work.
During the design process and after several brainstorming sessions with the Harcourt team, we finally arrived at the perfect visual and brand signature for the company.

What we did

Logo design and animation, Brand asset, manual and guidelines, Collateral design, Web Prototype

Developing the Brand Manual

Harcourt Hotel’s brand style guide communicates the company's design standards to both internal and external audiences, this cohesion is important because it helps in establishing a strong brand voice that resonates with both audiences, which is essential for building brand awareness. Over time, that awareness and consistency builds trust. This part of the branding process - perhaps the most important aspect, was painstakingly developed for the company in simple language.

A new user interface prototype design

UI design is an integral part of brand development. With this at the top of our heads, we meticulously crafted an engaging and responsive User Interface design with a rich array of colors and icons showcasing the wide range of luxury offers and satisfaction the hotel seeks to provide thus attracting more users and ultimately, customers to the brand.