Visual identity design for a fast
growing energy company in Africa

Logo Design and Animation, Brand Asset, Manual and Guidelines, Collateral Design (online ads)

The Client

Drelugs is a joint entity of Dynasty Real Estate and Kelugs Electric Limited established to change the way energy and power are distributed to homes and businesses in Nigeria and across Africa.
Drelugs was in search of a brand identity that is globally recognizable taking into consideration their business areas which include energy and power solutions.

Our Approach

We worked with the Drelugs team to create a brand identity system that reflects the whole spectrum of the work being done at the company.
During the design research and iterations of sketching in different directions, we came up with the simple idea of incorporating the bulb/energy symbol into the first letter of the brand name.
The result was an iconic logo which works well in small and large frames and of course, clearly interprets the company’s vision of being the energy go to company in Nigeria.

What we did

Logo design and animation, Brand asset, manual and guidelines, Collateral design (online ads)

Designing the Brand's Assets

An integral part of the branding solution developed for Drelugs Limited is the creation of brand assets that reflects the new visual identity. No matter how iconic a visual identity is, it is useless if the identity does not translate well into everyday materials the company can make use of.
This thinking is what formed the basis of the brand asset design. The elements developed make use of strong imagery to communicate the high level of professional work done by Drelugs.